This Theater is Loving It: One Man Livetweets PAX West’s Acquisitions, Inc. Event

Acquisitions, Inc

As we discussed this week on the podcast, on September 4th, on the Sunday of the PAX West gaming convention, hundreds of fans filed into a theater to watch Chris Perkins, Patrick Rothfuss, and the rest of the Acquisitions, Incorporated cast play Dungeons & Dragons for a few hours. While it continued an annual tradition, this year was a bit different: it was streamed live to theaters across the country via Fathom Events.

Wizards of the Coast was kind enough to send me to a nearby theater to watch the event, so along with a few dozen other faithful nerds, I filed into a theater at 8:30pm. Despite the fact that I’ve never seen a single episode of Acquisitions, Inc., I enjoyed myself, in no small part because I was livetweeting the whole thing. Here is that feed, preserving my bewilderment at the crowd reaction, amusement at dick jokes, and otherwise favorite moments for all time.

This references the storyline for Wizards of the Coast’s most recent adventure, Storm King’s Thunder.

This is referenced a bit later in the livetweet feed, but Chris Perkins’ costume was a gold dragon; mostly an elaborate face mask and shimmery gold robe.

After the event, we spoke to a very confused manager about getting copies of the handout module included with event tickets, Cloud Giant’s Bargain. Those of us who waited got copies, but I know some people left empty-handed. It’s a cool module, and really capped off the night.

As I said on the podcast, I don’t think this is the inflection point for D&D entering the mainstream that I was hoping it could be. But it was a fun event to attend, and I’m looking forward to settling into a seat with a big bag of buttery popcorn and an oversized Diet Coke again next year.

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