Mundangerous is a blog about tabletop games, with a specific focus on RPGs and Dungeons & Dragons. It was created with the intention to share news and insights about the hobby, as well as improve the gaming experience for players, game masters, and game designers alike. The vision for Mundangerous is to consistently produce thought-provoking, in-depth articles and analysis with a healthy touch of snark and cynicism lacking from traditional gaming media.

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Who We Are:

Mundangerous, Editor
Pseudonymous portmanteau enthusiast Mundangerous is a life-long gamer who started playing Warhammer 40k when he was 11 and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons soon thereafter. He has played a variety of systems, editions, and settings as a GM and player, is a member of various gaming forum communities, and is an avid consumer of RPG-related podcasts. He particularly enjoys worldbuilding and game design (primarily homebrew), and has been working on his own setting for the past two years. He fancies himself an occasional writer, but has failed to write more than the first 10 pages of his first novel at least 15 times (to be fair, he did sit on the editorial board of his college newspaper.) Outside of gaming and writing, he enjoys soccer, college football, travel, and bourbon. He resides in New York, NY, where he mostly pretends to be an average yuppie.