Fantasy Flight Slates Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG for Q3 Release

Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook

Fantasy Flight Games’ next entry into the Star Wars RPG series is scheduled for release in Q3 of this year. Star Wars: Force and Destiny joins Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire in FFG’s lineup of Star Wars RPGs. Force and Destiny, which entered beta in August 2014*, will pit players as Force-users in the early stages of the Rebellion, searching for the remnants of the Jedi Order while fighting off the Empire and the dark side.

I’m a big fan of FFG’s approach to its RPG licenses. Similar to its Warhammer 40k RPGs, each of the Star Wars RPGs focuses on a separate niche of the Star Wars Universe. Age of Rebellion centers on the Rebellion’s fight against the Empire, Edge of the Empire spotlights the outer fringes of society, and Force and Destiny will let players explore the Force. Each of the games, while independent stand-alone products, utilizes the same core mechanics–a dice pool using FFG’s custom dice–and remain cross-compatible with each other. This helps to distill down the essence of otherwise large, established universes into digestible, functional campaign settings. The cross-compatibility isn’t perfect, but it generally gives enough framework to pull bits and pieces as needed.

The hardcover Core Rulebook will be 448 illustrated pages, with information for players and GMs, including the standard system introduction, character creation, and gear chapters, as well as fluff on the Force, Jedi, and Sith. It also includes a ready-to-play adventure for GMs titled “Lessons from the Past.”

Fantasy Flight hasn’t announced pricing, but I would anticipate it to come in comparable to the Core Rulebooks for other Star Wars RPGs at $59.95.

* Fantasy Flight has a pretty unique approach with their beta playtests. The softcover Beta rulebook has been available for purchase on their site for $29.95. Like most beta playtest materials, it lacks art and weighs in at only 256 pages.

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