I Read Some Things: Week of January 26th, 2015

I read some things this week. After the jump, you can read them, too.

Enjoy the Super Bowl.

Paizo announced the Pathfinder Core Campaign for it’s Pathfinder Society organized play campaigns. I wrote about this in more detail earlier this week, but I think this is a good move for everyone. I wish I had some data on the number of new players who are brought into the hobby, or into a new system, through organized play. I’ve long-assumed the answer was “none” but I am probably wrong.

Wizards of the Coast released its first survey for Fifth Edition feedback. It’s a nice touch that they care, but I don’t think democratizing the refinement of Dungeons & Dragons’ design with questions like “Which of these two classes is more powerful?” is a tenable approach. I’m not even sure what “powerful” means in that context, but I’m confident Ranger is underpowered and Sorcerer isn’t.

Baldman Games announced an organized system for training and ranking DMs called The Herald’s Guild. Baldman Games organizes D&D games at conventions for Wizards of the Coast, and was founded by David Christ, former director of RPGA. All of this is to say that The Herald’s Guild should be a good resource for DMs in the future, and might make gaming at conventions a little bit better.

Monte Cook Games, makers of the next sci-fi game I want to play, Numenara, has been pushing January as National New Gamemasters Month (NaNewGaMo, I guess.) They’ve posted a bunch of good articles aimed at new GMs throughout the month, and they’re happily consolidated in one place. Terrible branding acronym aside, the articles are definitely worth a look.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, so I would be remiss not to repost Kotaku’s review of Football. It’s a good game. They recommend you play it. Today is a pretty good day to start.

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